Main Reasons Why Choose Us

We Understand the Business Side of Solar

Our experts can help you go beyond the benefits of sustainability. We know the solar energy business inside and out and will help you make an informed strategic investment decision.

We Install Savings

Our in-house finance experts have a decade of experience under their belts and use a variety of strategic services to help make your commercial solar project an impressive money-making stream with a great ROI. Our design team and consultants ensure your system is right for your business. We customize a plan tailored to your energy needs, goals, and budget.

We Make Solar Simple

With the commercial solar installation cost lower than ever and commercial solar financing companies being so generous today, installing a solar energy system is easier than ever and a great investment opportunity. It can increase the value of your property, decrease operating costs, and develop a new stream of revenue for your business.

Return on Roof

We speak in savings, not just sustainability; our commercial real estate expertise helps you understand the complete Return on Roof your property can provide with solar, including energy savings, potential revenue generation and property appreciation.

Generating Solar ROI

This consultative approach helps you make a financially driven decision about when and how to incorporate solar, so you can achieve the maximum return on investment sooner.

Customer Support

We always support our clients every step of the way and help them access the financial subsidies and tax benefits of solar from the local government. We take care of the entire process from design to activation to provide you with a turnkey solar system that you know how to operate.  


Our Company Sees a World without Waste

NexaGreen Solar is your local solar panel system specialist for commercial real estate. We help you maximize the assets and value of your property by introducing the financial benefits of solar for your business. Achieve impressive energy savings, property appreciation, a potential revenue stream, and company integrity.
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Our Mission

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Get Started

Get Started

If the numbers make sense, with our in-house finance team and installation experts, we can take care of the entire process – from design and financing to installation and commissioning – so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
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Contact Us

Get in touch with our helpful team to get answers to your questions and book a consultation for your solar installation today.