Popular Questions

It depends, sometimes it’s 2 years, others it’s 10 years. We usually see 4-7 years to break even. BUT disregard ROI, you can start saving or earning Day 1. The long-term savings are so substantial that it’s hard to just focus on the immediate ROI. BUT here’s another question, what’s the ROI on your siding being replaced or your parking lot being repaved? You don’t go solar based strictly on ROI.

There’s only one way to find out. Let’s look at your electric bill and see! Everyone’s building is different, every solar system is a custom project, and we won’t know until we design your system and get the projections.

The efficiency has increased, and the pricing has dropped (for now, just look at gas prices 3 years ago).

Yes, we can price it just like any other subcontractor would another trade. There are also additional benefits from lenders when initially applying for a construction loan that directly relates to building and operating “Green”.

Depending on the size of your building it can take between 2-4 weeks after permit.

General Questions

Depending on the type of construction of the roof, we have multiple racking options to choose from. The most common being lagging into the trusses of the structure for traditional buildings and non-penetrating ballasted mounts for flat roof applications. Engineering will ensure that the roof is structurally sound.

Our solar panels are tested with 1.5-inch steel balls shot at 80mph.

You get a 26% Federal Tax Credit immediately and there are depreciation tax reductions & credits given in your area. With the government’s current agenda, it’s probably a good time to take advantage.

We love Tesla technology, but there are downsides to solar shingles. If you do wait for them, you will be waiting another three to four years and the expenses will likely not drop at that point to where they are manageable for most people who would otherwise go solar with regular panels. Three to four years also reduces the time value of money and cuts significantly into opportunity cost. Therefore, waiting for solar shingles hinders the amount of money you can ultimately save with rooftop solar. Additionally, the price of solar panels is about ¼ of the cost of solar shingles at present date.

Yes, let us include solar and you can get that roof for 26% off because it would include the Federal Tax Credit and you can get it financed together.