About the project

  • Date: May 2014
  • Client: North Tonawanda
  • Category:
  • Address: North Tonawanda, NY
This rural farm in North Tonawanda installed by NexaGreen Solar uses 18 of the Silevo Triex U290 panels. The installation also utilized SolarEdge optimizers and inverter. With efficiencies up to 18.2%, Silevo’s Triex solar panels are amongst the highest in the industry. Higher efficiency delivers more power in less space. Triex solar panels can generate up to 12% more energy than conventional solar panels due to their low temperature coefficient which aide’s performance in warm weather. The main goal of this homeowner is to produce as much energy as her farm consumes with as little of a carbon footprint as possible.

Project Details

Location: North Tonawanda, NY

Commissioned Date: May 2014

System Size: 5.22kW Solar System

Inverter: SolarEdge Technologies

Optimizer: SolarEdge Technologies

Module: 18 Silevo Triex U_Series 300